Friday, September 01, 2006

Be Still My Heart!

Last night, or rather very early this morning I was up taking care of Caleb. He was hungry, so I obviously went to feed him. Three A.M. is not exactly my most aware or interactive time of the day. I would rather not be up feeding him. Honestly, I would rather be sleeping. But, last night/morning I looked down at Caleb and I saw how precious he looked as he was eating. There was such a peace and a look of total love and contentment on his precious little face. My heart absolutely melted right there in the glider. I forgot about how early it was in the morning and that I wasn't sleeping. All I could see was my son and how much I love him. I thanked God for the moment and my heart has been so soft ever since. I will treasure that moment forever and I pray there will be more.

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