Friday, September 08, 2006

Stock Trading...

I have found a new little hobby that is kind of fun. I am messing around on the Virtual Stock Exchange that can be found here. You get to set up your own rules for the "game" with how much cash you can work with, broker commissions, and other rules. Chris and I set it up to be tougher than the real conditions. Do you remember in school how a good teacher would give you a study sheet that was harder than the actual test? That way you learned more and you were prepared for the test and actually found the test to be easy. That is what we did here. The VSE, as I call it, mirrors the real stock market to the best of its ability. It is a good way to learn how to trade in safe conditions. If you lose money, that's okay because it is play money. I've already done that but I looked back and I made a note of what I did wrong and I learned from it. I am slowly learning how stock trading works. I even implemented a successful trade today and I actually made a profit. Yeah! The plan is to work on the VSE until I am good and ready and then to dive into the real thing. SCARY! But, I am so glad I have this resource. Not only am I learning about stock trading but this is also an outlet for my need to learn something and to keep my brain from turning to absolute Mommy Mush. Who would've thought that I could actually get into stock trading. Huh! Could this be the answer to my "What can I do from home to make money" question? We'll just have to see. I'll keep you posted.

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