Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My "Non-Routine" Weekend..

I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and I have my fantastic husband to thank for it. As most of you moms out there would understand, my life is extremely routine at home. There is alot of sameness...naps, diapers, feeding, and even a little playing these days. I get household stuff done when I can. Come Friday I was fed up with the routine nature of my life. I was craving Chris' crazy, hectic life at work just because it was different and seemed almost exciting compared to home life. Ironically, I think Chris craves my routine life sometimes. Anyway, Friday was bit of a bust because it was a lot of the same thing. Chris came home, we ate dinner, hung out, got Caleb ready for bed, put him in his swing, watched a CSI episode (thanks to Netflix), put Caleb down for good, and then we went to bed. That is what we do every week night. Finally, on Saturday I explained to Chris I needed a change, a break, no more routine. He jumped on it once he understood my feelings. The rest of the weekend was spent being different. I feel refreshed and somewhat ready to return to my routine life....somewhat. My "non-routine" weekend really could've gone a couple more days longer if I had my way. But, I am so thankful for what I got. Thanks, Chris!

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Amydeanne said...

I totally know the joy of a "non-routine" weekend as well! it doesn't happen too often around here, but it sure is nice when it does.. lol of course it takes a week to get back in routine!