Monday, May 19, 2008

A Much Needed Bloggy Break Goes Much Too Long

The title is all I have to say about my absence.

A couple of months ago (has it really been that long?) I found myself running out of bloggy ideas. That being said, there is plenty of stuff to write about over here in our household but I just couldn't formulate the ideas into words for some reason. I figured a little break would be all I needed to refresh my brain and come back with great fervor. I quickly filled up my blogging time with other activities and blogging took the back burner.

I can honestly say that I have missed blogging and a few people have mentioned that miss my blog too. My loving husband asked me if I have quit and even if I have he supports me because he knows I'll fill the time with other useful household activities. I LOVE HIM!! But, I really do miss the writing and self-expression.

I also want to say I'm sorry to my oh-so-loyal readers. I just checked my site meter and saw that I STILL have people coming by my little blog. I am honored you stuck with me this long. Thank you! I am time allows. YEAH!!

This summer will be a great time to get back to it because I'll be embarking on a great adventure. I will be taking my niece into our house during the day while my sister-in-law goes to work. Little B (pseudonym) will be joining us when she is six weeks old. So, I will be go from mother on one to "mother" of two during the day. This should be interesting. Won't you join me on this adventure??

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