Saturday, May 24, 2008

Five Minutes From the Pound

The saga between Hopper and Eowyn continues.

It was Wednesday evening at the usual time. Hopper came into our yard around 5:30 pm and Eowyn goes crazy. Nothing new there. Eowyn begged and begged to go outside and chase Hopper. (Note: I really should take a video of how Eowyn acts so y'all could see it.) I gave her a resounding, "NO!" because I've learned my lesson and I wasn't her out the door until Hopper has gone to his little burrow in the woods.

I was patiently waiting for Chris to come home so that I could head on to a end of the year MOPS party. I was trying to pick up the house before Chris got home and that included taking out the trash. I step out the door while sternly saying, "STAY!" Needless to say, you can't trust a Jack Russell to stay when a bunny is on the line.

Eowyn dashed out and stopped at the usual boundary. I thought, "Okay, good. She won't go into the woods this time. Maybe she's been shocked enough times now." (SIGH!) What was I thinking?! A bunny was on the line. Eowyn backed her little bottom up and shot right through the boundary. I'm thinking, "Shock! Shock! Shock! Dumb dog!"

I turn off the fence and patiently wait for Eowyn to come home. She knows who feeds her at the end of the day. After about ten minutes she pokes her head out of the thick brush and I notice something is missing. OH NO!! PLEASE, NO! She doesn't have her fence collar on anymore. She must've gotten her collar hung up on something (the brush was pretty thick and low to the ground) and she pulled out of it. (Note: Dog collars should always be loose enough so that they can pull out in an event just like this.) I felt a sinking feeling and I feared Chris coming home. Those collars are NOT cheap.

Chris comes home and I inform him of the situation. At this point, Eowyn has come home with a huge smile on her face and she is cooling off by laying on top of the AC vent. When Chris hears about the collar he is quite upset. I then say, "Um, in light of full disclosure, we are also up for getting more heartworm medicine. Eh!" That was the closest Eowyn has ever been to the pound. I said, "No, Honey! Our pound is a 'kill shelter!' We can't send Eowyn to her death!"

I think Eowyn sensed what was going on and she put on her best behavior. We could hear Caleb laughing in the background. Eowyn and Caleb were playing so hard and so well together. I could hear a very slight heart string plucked in Chris' heart (ever so slight, mind you). Chris says, "The good thing for Eowyn is that we can afford the collar and medicine." (Power of a budget, people.)

We may grumble all the way to the store to buy the collar, but Eowyn will live another day and with us.

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jamie in rose cottage said...

Awww, poor stubborn little doggie! I bet she's cute, though!

I found your blog on Laced With Grace and just wanted to stop in and say hello! Please come visit me soon, too! :-)