Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What Do You Do When You Are Minus A Car?

Boy in Chef's Hat Baking Cookies

You bake, of course!!

Chris and I are doing the oil change dance the next two days. We dropped off my car tonight for it to be worked on tomorrow and then tomorrow night we will switch out the car and the van will be worked on Thursday. That means I'll be at home without a vehicle the next two days. I usually get a little antsy during these days but I am looking forward to it this time.

My MOPS group is having a cookie exchange at our Christmas party next week. For those who aren't familiar with what a cookie exchange is here are the basic rules. You bake however many cookies you want to bring. You make little baggies with 6 cookies each. Once you are at the exchange you can pick up the same number of cookies you brought. So, if you make 6 dozen cookies you can pick up 6 dozen cookies made by other people. YUM!! The other rule is that the cookies must be at least semi-homemade. Some dough must go into the oven, basically.

I am a cookie purist I guess and that means I have to make them from scratch. Tomorrow will be a cookie baking extravaganza. Yeah!!

Also, a good friend who had her baby about 6 weeks ago or so is coming over to hang out, keep me company, and to help bake. That will make the day even more special.

I can't wait!!

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