Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gotta Love Those Lit Up Parks

Have you ever been camping in a state park? Are you a RV camper or a tent camper? Do you like to be snug as a bug in a bed or rustic in a sleeping bag on the ground? Whatever way you prefer camping out you know that it sure is fun to camp out in those beautiful state parks. One thing that I think is fun to look at is all the rope light that comes from the RV's. It looks festive and almost like Christmas-time even in the summertime or in October (my preferred time to camp).

Chris' parents have become RV campers and they have hit a few parks in our home state and even gone out of the state for Thanksgiving. They know that if they are going to fully adopt the RV lifestyle they have to have a good set of rope lights. Just last week I was looking online with my Mother-In-Law as she looked for a good set and I mentioned the benefits of LED lights. I have written here before about LED lights and how much I like them for Christmas tree lights or decorative house lights. I am glad to hear that you can decorate your RV with LED lights too. Did you know that LED rope lights only use about .47 watts per foot of energy while the older lights used 6 watts per foot? They will last more than 50,000 hours and they generate very little heat. That is my favorite part because of the drought we are in and how dry our parks can be. We don't want a horrible fire to start because of some lights on a RV.

For those of us who are slow to adopt the "Green" lifestyle, I think LED lights are a good start.

Go check them out and Happy Camping!!

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nannykim said...

yes, and we saw them at a restaurant this weekend in Charleston. They had them in the outside eating area and it was very romantic. We plan on putting some in our more formal dining area---we have the old picture molding at the top and plan to put them in there!