Monday, February 05, 2007

My Two Kids and Their First Fight

I guess today was yet another milestone in my family. Eowyn and Caleb had their first fight or misunderstanding. This morning, I had Caleb on my bed while I was putting some laundry away. He was happily playing and enjoying himself. He came upon Mousers (Eowyn's favorite doggie toy, a stuffed mouse) and thought he was the greatest. He would grab Mousers' tail and swing him around and jabber away about how cool that was (at least, that's what I thought it sounded like he was saying). I finished putting the laundry away and we proceeded to go into the den. Caleb continued to hold onto Mousers' tail thus bringing him into the den with us. Eowyn say Mousers in Caleb's hands and followed us with her eyes never leaving her favorite toy. (Sidenote: You have to understand how attached Eowyn is to her mouse. She carries him around with her during the day and then she sleeps with him at night in her kennel. It is rather sweet how much she loves that mouse and kind of weird how obsessed she is too.) I put Caleb on the floor and he proceeded to swing Mousers around and around. Eowyn saw her chance and she grabbed Mousers while Caleb was still holding on. Neither one of them was going to let go and unfortunately, Caleb got the short end of that stick. When Eowyn pulled, she pulled Caleb backwards and fell onto the carpet and bonked his head. Oh, he screamed and cried. I promptly picked him up and comforted him while Eowyn greedily ran away with Mousers. I yelled at her and probably would've given her a smack if I weren't holding Caleb. It is all over now and my kids are friends again. I just have realized that I will have to keep a better watch on those two from now on. My days of "minimal" watching are coming to an end.

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Amy H said...

I can completely sympathize. My dog and my little one fight over a duck. The dog loves to honk it, Lilla loves to play with anything Ellie has that will get Ellie to come to her. Hence, there is usually quite a bit of food sharing going on. Gross!

Take care, Amy

Keziah said...

My sister and I had our first fight much earlier! She must have been only a week old when I bit her! (In my defense, I was only 2)

Keziah said...

Aargh! Pressed submit too soon. Was going to say that mysteriously my cat and I always got on so well. Erica was only 9 months old when I joined the family, but I was the only person she wouldn't scratch.