Monday, February 12, 2007

An Interesting Week

Last week was very interesting. I spent most of the week thinking and thinking hard about what I can do to contribute to the family financially. Sure, I could get a job, but I am committed to staying home with Caleb. Chris and I agree on this. Our budget is tight and do-able (even though very tight) without me contributing any money. That is comforting but I KNOW I need to do something. I've picked up my eBay auctions by going to yard sales and recruiting people from my small group to bring me stuff to sell. Look over there ---> to see my eBay name and check out my auctions. I used to exclusively sell books but I realized that wasn't working too well and I've expanded to other things. I've been working hard on that along with setting up a Quickbook files so I could keep a better grasp on how I am doing with my auctions. I've been wracking my brain for other things I could do along with eBay and I've discovered that my creative brain died when Caleb was born. I keep thinking and thinking and nothing. Just pray for my creativity and turning that into a possible business idea. So, that's why I've been rather scarce this past week. This coming week is pretty full too. I hope to do more here but please don't be surprised if I'm scarce again. See you soon!

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Amy H said...

We are in the exact same situation. We live on just my husband's income, and it is certainly liveable, but it would be nice for a little extra money. I do a little mystery shopping a couple times a month and it pays for the satellite. It's really easy and not time consuming at all. Also, maybe you could consider doing after school care for kids or maybe babysit one day a week. It's not for me, but it could bring in some extra money here or there.