Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Boy Wants to Learn!!

As Caleb grows older he is displaying an absolutely insatiable desire to learn. He will play with his Letters and Numbers for hours on end. He wants us to sing with him non-stop and the reading, oh the reading. He wants us to read to him all day long. Sweet Boy! We are kindred spirits.

The only problem is that this constant desire to learn can also get to be a little pesky at times. Sometimes Mommy needs to get housework done or get dinner on the table. I found myself pushing Caleb's requests to the side way too often. I never wanted to squelch his spirit but I also couldn't let my other responsibilities go to pot.

While I was putting together our New Year schedule, I decided to schedule time each day for "school." For one hour each day we will go over his letters, numbers, reading, etc. in a more formal fashion. The learning won't stop after that scheduled time but at least there is a time slot that is dedicated to it each day. I have always considered homeschooling Caleb, but I never thought we would start this early. We will be starting Dec. 29th. Here we go!!

So, what will we be doing? I have created a little notebook that will cover a letter a week. We will work our way through that little notebook during the week. I have made the notebook in a way that Caleb can color throughout and hopefully grow to love it. (I will have another post with links to all the pages in the notebook including links to the books we are reading that week.) Each notebook will hopefully cover the letter, letter sounds, science, numbers/counting, history, and art (coloring). Feel free to come back each week to get ideas or snatch the pages I'm using.

Disclaimer: I am VERY GREEN at this. Caleb is my first child and the first child I've ever homeschooled. There is a large learning curve. But, I would love to have company on this journey. Join me and let me know what you think!!

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