Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Few Random Thoughts This Morning...

I am sitting here this morning while Caleb plays with a magazine I've already read. He LOVES magazines. He flails them around and adores tearing them into pieces. Apparently there is some sort of pleasure when he hears that wonderful crinkly sound as it tears and one page turns into TWO. WOW! The only thing is that I have to make sure he doesn't eat his magazine.

I am waiting for Caleb's nap time to come along at 9 am. Once he goes down I can take my shower and get other things done around the house.

Have I ever mentioned that I really DISLIKE Spring. I mean I REALLY don't like Spring. I know I go against the grain with this but it is true. Spring means warmer temperatures and warmer temperatures mean pretty flowers and blooming trees. Yes, those flowers are so pretty but they are EVIL under all that beauty. Flowers mean pollen and pollen means a headache that just won't go away. The whole left side of my face hurts from sun-up to sun-down. All I can do is take my Advil and Claritin-D. My teeth even hurt on the upper left side. I have gone to the dentist twice in recent years convinced I had a cavity only to have the dentist tell me to take sinus tablets. This morning I once again woke up with a literally splitting headache. I promptly moved to the bathroom and took both sets of my medicine. It has helped a little bit that that booger never truly goes away until the pollen lets up. DARN those flowers!

I am such a FALL person. The temperatures are coolish but not too cold. I can wear sweatshirts but not a jacket. The leaves are so pretty as they fall and it is only a few weeks till Christmas! Fall is the way to go for sure.

Now, there is one thing I do like about Spring. I can use my clothes line again. I really enjoy putting clothes out on the line. I looks pretty in weird kind of way and there is so much pleasure knowing that I'm saving money by not using the dryer. The only time I use the dryer is when the clothes come in and I put the crispy pieces into the dryer for a quick fluff with a dryer sheet. I don't use the dryer nearly as much as I do during the winter and that is great.

I am in month 3 of our new grocery cash only budget. It has been going well except for this month. I am almost out of my money and it is only the 20th. I'm having to think of ways to make our food stretch till I get more money next month. Do I use the last money for milk or something else? Should I get a bag of cereal or should we live on oatmeal in the morning? What to do? Thankfully, I have a very accommodating husband who will do whatever it takes to make our new budget work. Why hasn't my grocery money lasted this month? I've had to buy that darn Claritin-D (or the Equate version) and that stuff is not cheap. Why do I buy that....POLLEN. Ugh! I don't like Spring!

Finally, there is one thing I don't like about selling stuff on eBay. It is the wait from opening the listing till it closes. So many bidders wait till the very end to make even the first bid. I will wait all week and see there have been no bids and that can drive me crazy. Why won't they sell?? They sold so well last week! Then on the day of the listing ending bids start coming in like crazy and my mind rests and gets excited about next week...only to do the wait again.

Today is a "Stay at home in comfy clothes and get things done around the house" day. I might go walking in the afternoon after Caleb's nap if I feel brave enough to brave the pollen. It will depend on how much I want to get out.

Everyone have a wonderful day!!

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Indiana Amy said...

I'm hearing you on the pollen thing, my head feels like it might explode this morning. Ugh! But still, I love the warmer temps as I'm finally getting to pull out my capris! Yeah!